In order for the Photos stay sharp in situations of Minimal light

Interesting objects often come in a situation where we have to take a picture in minimal conditions of light and we don't want to (or can't) use flash, but we want to make images that stay sharp. Objects such as city view at night is beautiful, music concerts in the evening or party atmosphere unfortunately passed away without the camera in action. Here are tips to be able to keep producing the optimum photo:

A Tripod or monopod. The most reliable tools and easy is a tripod or monopod.
If a tripod isn't available, try to keep the camera steady by making use of the environment, for example by resting the body to the current firewall, resting the camera on to the ladder and others.

Try to use the aperture of the lens maybe, if you have the largest aperture f/2.8, f/2.8 aperture wear.

If two trick above is not enough, raise the ISO the camera shutter speed until we reach a minimum of 1/60 (on some of the latest generation of cameras can use ISO setting up to above 1000 and can still produce a low noise).

When you use the tips, we recommend that you activate features High ISO Noise Reduction in camera in order to reduce noise, or following the fifth option is better (and more expensive).

Or you could skip the tips using software noise reduction to reduce the noise at this stage of post production. Such Software Noise Ninja, Imagenomic Noiseware or Nik’s Dfine powerfull fairly tame the noise at the end result of our pictures. If you're using Lightroom 3 to arrange collection of photos, Lightroom features a very advanced noise reduction.

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