Best Gigital Camera for Wildlife Photography

What is the best digital camera for wildlife photography?

Camera for wildlife photography must have:
  • Short start-up time (so that wildlife will not have time to run away from you)
  • Short Shutter lags (the same reason as from the time of start-up)
  • Quick Focus
  • Tele focal length range (greater than 400 mm)
  • Must provide 3 or more frames per second in continuous shooting (press and keep pressed the button).
  • Must have a buffer memory to provide continuous shooting
  • Must provide good quality images with high ISO (light conditions is not always perfect with wildlife)
  • Must be durable

What are SLR make a difference in this case?

  • SLR does make a huge difference.
  • SLR has (many) more short start-up time and shutter lag of almost any point-and-shot (including "SLR-like").
  • With an SLR you can use different lenses, including wide-angle, telephoto, stable Image.
  • SLR usually has larger sensors, which means better details and less noise (especially with higher ISO).


This is a problem. You can get a pretty good SLR with lens: Canon Rebel XTi with 18-55 mm lens (28-85 mm in 35 mm equivalent) cost about $ 750. But a simple telephoto lens, such as the Canon 70-300 IS (110-480mm in 35 mm equivalent) will cost 500-600 dollars more. As an alternative to both point-and-shoot by telephoto lens image is stable. Check out the Canon S5 IS and Sony DSC-H9.

Canon PowerShot Pro Series S5 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom click here buy from
click the image camera canon s5 IS!!

Sony Cybershot DSC-H9 8MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Image Stabilization Zoom click here buy from
click the image camera sony DSC-H9

click the image camera sony DSC-H9

  • Both have a tele Image Stabilized Lens (zoom 12 x 15 x zoom Canon and Sony).
  • Both cost less than $ 500.
  • There is a Telephoto Converter is available for either camera, so you can increase the maximum focus.
  • But you cannot expect the same quick reactions with SLR and the image quality is the same as the SLR.