camera settings for macro photography

Marco photography is interesting in taking pictures of objects, with the very thoroughness of detail makes the image will be more vivid and interesting to look at. macro image is the image of the object in the picture take from short distance or close up. all right we'll learn which camera settings do like for Marco photography.

Setting the ISO speed

By definition the ISO is a measure of the level of sensifitas camera sensor to light. The higher the ISO setting the more sensitive we terhada sensor light.
To get a clear picture of our camera's ISO setting (in the case of ASA photographic film), just imagine about a bee community.
An ISO is a worker bees. If I set the camera at ISO 100, it means I have 100 worker bees.
And if I set the camera at ISO 200 it means I have 200 worker bees.
The task of each worker bees are picking up the light entering through the lens of a camera and make a picture. If we use an identical lens and aperture equally we set at f/3.5 but I set at 200 ISO 100 while you (think again about the worker bees), then the image got who will finish more quickly?

When we add to the ISO setting of 100 to 200 (in aperture is always constant aperture lock – we at f/3.5 or through the Aperture Priority mode – A or Av), we shorten the time required in the making of a photograph in the camera sensor we get half (2 times faster), from shutter speed 1/125 to 1/250 sec.
As we add more ISO to 400, we trim the time making up half the photos again: 1/500 sec.
Each time the esksposur shorten the time by as much as half, we call the raise esksposur by 1 stop.

You could try this sense in the case of aperture, shutter speed set try we always constant at 1/125 (or Shutter Priority mode through-S or Tv), and ubah-ubahlah your ISO setting in multiples of 2; missal from 100 to 200 to 400 ... etc, see change your aperture size.

With macro photography, you can (and should) take time to get the composition exactly perfect (or perfectly, you can imagine what), so do not hesitate above, below and around the theme of your mind to move. Unless, you Hummel or the buzz shoot, you have no time pressure, thus bracketing the best exposure according to the perfect composition retrieve. Locked, if you do not know, at least three of the exact same photographers at various shots takes a color accuracy (top and bottom, neutral) & shadow detail, and depth of field, received the spirit, that lets you compare and make you highlight a selection of the most dynamic.

camera settings for macro photography
  • Manual Mode
  • ISO 100
  • Aperture f/11 - f/13
  • Shutter around 1/160th-1/200th
  • Flash in ETTL mode.