Practical and Functional Camera for Learning Photography

"Prosumer Cameras" The word "prosumer" extracted from the professional and consumer. The camera type "point and shoot" it has more features than a pocket camera, including exposure and ISO settings manually. There are some people who use this type of camera to start learning photography because it feels more practical and functional than camera DSLR.
Samsung NX10 - Digital camera - prosumer - 14.6 Mpi
Samsung NX10 - Digital camera - prosumer - 14.6 Mp
With 18-55mm Lens - supported memory: SD, SDHC
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On paper it is still below the prosumer camera capable DSLR cameras and compact cameras above. In some prosumer cameras were equipped holder flash (Flash) so you can add a powerful external flash can be larger and bounce.

As with any compact cameras, prosumer cameras are not reliable for mengaburkann background or known as bokeh. But that does not mean it can not be used to learn photography. Not having the ability to work quickly, including shutter speed, auto focus, continuous shooting and point all existing facilities under DSLR camera.
Sivas Mosc 18-55mm
Sivas Mosc 18-55mm
Practical and functional prosumer camera for taking photos and relevant personal documentation, especially if just to learn photography. Can be used for photographing macro to landscape, and can record video. Options menu is more complete than a pocket camera, but it does not have the advanced modes such as digital SLR cameras. Each brand has a complete menu is slightly different, but the feature symbols and iconic images for all cameras is almost the same.

Very sharp lens 18-55mm Nice color
Very sharp lens 18-55mm Nice color
Although there is no mode to the mode advancenya but there was enough for the photographer to learn basic photography simple, yet can still photographed photographer also considered important moments with this camera. For those who are beginners and still have not got the money to buy a DSLR camera body and equipment such as lenses, filters, tripod, etc. that cost could drain the bag, prosumer cameras suitable for learning photography basics.

Fujifilm FinePix S4500 Digital Camera (Black)
Super Accessory Saver 8GB NiMH Battery/Rapid Charger Bundle
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