DSLR built-in flash, a few tips on the use of an external flash!

Compact digital camera, DSLR, if you have something in common?

So much, but the amount of light when taking pictures in dark places Sometimes we helped,
Exist, or to play tricks did I
They'll be probably taken pictures of everyone at night, turn on the flash and the experience was awkward.
This failure experience a little lack of understanding about the flash.

Then flash through this post a little bit toward ~
Let me introduce you to a few tips.

1 Write flash only at night?

Night time or dark indoor environment typically used flash.
However, Flash is used only in situations like this is not
Backlit shots, especially in the sun behind the subject in the case of
Compared to the background if the subject is dark, use the flash, the
You can get a photo of a very warm feeling.

2 I do not believe the performance of the built-in flash.

DSLR built-in flash

Of the built-in flash on the camera, the light intensity is very low.
In this case, the subject is usually beyond 2 ~ 5M camera and if I
Differences obsolete or not.
Seemed a good idea if you purchase an external flash to your favorite nighttime shooting.

3 Guide number (GN) What's this?
DSLR built-in flash

Mainly according to the guide number to purchase an external flash, if
I can determine the light intensity of the flash,

Guide number (GN) = (numerical aperture) x (the distance to the subject)

Must bear in mind the above criteria.
External flash has a guide number of 20, for example, in the case of
Subject to 5M distance if the the F4 aperture value and must shoot
Can get the proper exposure.

4 Typical flash shooting mode

If you are using an external flash three main shooting mode, I can

The end though sensor by the amount of light flash in A mode, by adjusting the amount of light
Shooting mode. Is the most common method.

M mode, the flash intensity manually adjusted / maintained by the user
Accordingly adjust the aperture value of the camera shooting mode.
Skilful experience, will recommend it to many people.

TTL mode, if I can use the camera supports TTL mode
The direction of the light flash of light intensity sensor and the camera's lens to reach a different,
Measured values ​​may differ, there's a lot of if you get the wrong results.
If this mode is used by measuring the amount of light that reaches the camera lens
By tuning the camera and external flash can be used (recommended)

5 Simple flash shooting techniques

DSLR built-in flash

Bounce shot, Omni bounce shooting.
Literally bounce shot toward the ceiling or wall, the direction of the external flash
Reflected light shooting.
Will use a lot of indoor shooting and wedding photography and natural light to create.

'm Gonna Omni bounce flash of light the cloudy filter attached to the Department of dispersing light,
A powerful flash of light, you can create a little bit gently.
This way ^ ^ It's some toilet paper pad, which also

7 Dark, he unconditionally do not use flash.

Shooting at night, even if the shutter speed or aperture value, if well utilized,
Can get a picture of elegance in its own.
Never not use a flash, especially if shooting night scenes instead
In this case, a tripod to prevent shaking, you can get a good result.

In addition, how to use an external light meter or sync speed, but more
Beginners who know this part is a little difficult because only about this case. Introduce Having!